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Google’s Helpful Content Update is Finished Rolling Out, Impacts Are Starting to be Noticed

Google has decided that they want the search results to favor websites that tend to be more useful. Yes you read that right,…
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GoDaddy Might Accidentally be Dropping Your Domain

According to a LinkedIn post by Joe Youngblood GoDaddy is currently having what appears to be an intermittent issue with their automatic domain…
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Yelp Customers Increasingly Looking For Diverse Businesses – How to Add the Attributes to Your Dallas Business Yelp Page

Yelp's recent local economic report reveals a significant increase in searches over the past year for diverse businesses in the United States. Diverse…
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Your Wix-Based Dallas Business Website Can Now Integrate With Google My Business

Google and Wix announced an expanded partnership that allows businesses to directly integrate Google My Business (GMB) into its Wix site. Wix users…
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